Your chance to back our new ChuckleVision for town - sign our petition to honour Barry

WE ALL agree Rotherham town centre could do with a bit of a boost - and here we present our very own ChuckleVision.

The Advertiser has learned that Rotherham Borough Council is searching for a suitable name for a square in town.

This is the area outside Boots, where Howard Street crosses Effingham Street - midway between Effingham Square and All Saints’ Square.

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And the Advertiser is placing its support firmly behind seeing this spot officially named Chuckle Square.

Editor Andrew Mosley said: “The abundance of tributes we received when the paper paid tribute to Barry earlier this summer highlighted just how dearly the brothers are held by Rotherham people.

“Their contribution has spanned generations and few have done more to proudly support their own town at every opportunity throughout their lengthy careers.

“Now is the time to honour their contribution to entertaining Rotherham and the whole country for many decades.

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“Properly done, this could provide a light-hearted feature in the town centre which should prove a very popular photo spot with everyone from families out shopping to visiting football fans.

“It could pull in tourists and could be developed further in the future, and would tie in well with the Rotherham story in general and the tradition of naming streets and areas after prominent townsfolk.”

Our suggestion has already won the blessing of Chuckle Brother Paul Elliott, who welcomed our call to honour the duo.

Paul said: “Nothing would give Barry and of course me and our Yorkshire families more pride than Chuckle Square.

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“If anyone asked for directions they would have to be given them by saying: ‘To you, from me!’”

You can back the Chuckle Square call by signing our online petition or by completing the coupon in this week’s Advertiser and mailing it to us (marked Chuckle Square) or dropping it in to our office at 27 Howard Street, Rotherham S62 1JQ.

Your entries will be passed to Rotherham Borough Council, along with the final petition, at the end of October.

What do you think to the Chuckle Square idea? Email your thoughts to [email protected].