THEATRE: Rotherham Civic - Blackadder II

A NIGHT of humour, nostalgia and a pun merry-go-round of innuendos was on offer at the Civic with the TV cultural comedy Blackadder.

Rotherham Rep are hosting a four-night run of Blackadder II — the Tudor one! — at the Rotherham Civic for crowds with an appetite for silly giggles and awkward British humour.

The show incorporates the episodes of Head, where Lord Edmund Blackadder relishes his new position as the Queen’s head executioner, Beer, in which the protagonist sings “I’m a little goblin” after one too many brews, and Chain, which sees Blackadder and Melchett kidnapped by the German ‘mastermind’ Prince Ludwig the Indestructible.

It all makes for an hour-and-a-half long production.

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As part of a Christmas tradition, I often rewatch some of my favourite comedies and Blackadder happens to be one of those.

But could the theatre production be as good as the TV original?

Maybe my opening line gave it away but I can’t tell you how much the characters portraying the famous troupe got it spot on.

Shaun MacHale as Blackadder fulfilled the lofty heights of Rowan Atkinson’s character, Jack O’Boyle as Hugh Laurie’s Lord Percy had me in stitches, and Yvette Sayles as Queen Elizabeth was perfection as the spoilt and childish figure Miranda Richardson played so well.

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And I never thought I’d get the opportunity to witness a Yorkshire Baldrick, but Roger Hazlewood pulled it off impeccably — rivalling the standards of Tony Robinson.

They lived up to the billing of the famous Ben Elton and Richard Curtis comedy and did it justice.

“I have a cunning plan” — you need to book a ticket to see this show.

This was my first time at the Rotherham Civic and it most certainly won’t be the last.

Visit to book tickets.

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