Teenager rockers are a 'fantastic discovery'

Raw Honey perform at Chantry BreweryRaw Honey perform at Chantry Brewery
Raw Honey perform at Chantry Brewery
Raw Honey review, Chantry Brewery

It’s not every Saturday night that you make two fantastic discoveries in your home town.

Firstly, the Chantry Brewery – who knew this great venue was tucked away on a Parkgate industrial estate?

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Sadly as designated driver I didn’t get to sample any of the Chantry gins, but I’ll be back as different flavours sounded worthy of a visit.

Secondly, the band – four-piece teenage rock groupRaw Honey are fairly new to the music scene but you wouldn’t know it.

From Arctic Monkeys to Blondie, this too-cool-for-school band (made up of two final year comprehensive students and two college students) perform like they have been playing for years.

The smooth transition between songs as the drummer casually stood up and swapped instruments with the guitarist was impressive – each looked equally confident.

All four members of the band performed with style, however.

Plus their version of Sleeper’s Sale of the Century is one I’d like to hear again and again.

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