Sculpture will celebrate life of Kes creator

A FILM synonymous with South Yorkshire coal mining will be remembered with a home-town tribute to the late, much-loved author of the book which inspired it.

Barnsley Council has revealed plans to erect a sculpture to celebrate the Barry Hines’ novel A Kestrel for a Knave in Hoyland where the writer grew up.

The book was adapted for the big screen in Ken Loach’s 1969 film Kes, starring Rotherham-born Duggie Brown and Lynne Perrie.

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The sculpture of schoolboy Billy Casper and his kestrel, Kes, which will be over 6ft high and made from steel plasma, will stand outside the former home of Hines, at the corner of 79 Hoyland Road and Stead Lane.

Kes tells the story of young teenager Billy, who finds comfort in tending to a kestrel while growing up in a mining town where there are limited opportunities for working-class people.

It is regarded by critics as one of the greatest British films of all time.

Planning documents outline that the sculpture will be positioned in front of Hines’ former home, where there is already a blue plaque.

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Planning documents state the monument will “connect the story of Billy Casper and Kes” to show his “love of nature and connection with Hoyland Common”.

You can comment on the application until January 27.