Rebecca tells of how role in Cabaret "saved her"

REBECCA Lucy Taylor has revealed how she’s been emotionally “saved” by the hard work and challenge of playing a West End role most nights of an exhausting 170-day stage run.
DRESSING UP: Rebecca Lucy TaylorDRESSING UP: Rebecca Lucy Taylor
DRESSING UP: Rebecca Lucy Taylor

The actor and songstress, who goes under the pop name Self Esteem, has been playing the lead role of Sally Bowles in the London production of Cabaret since September 25.

This weekend, as scheduled, it came to an end.

And Rebecca (37) from Anston, leaves the show with gratitude for how it has turned things around for her.

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"I could write a ten-part Netflix essay series about what this show and process has meant to me,” said the former Wales High School pupil.

Giving a hint about the pressures of releasing her second album Priorities Pleasure, followed by a tour, she recalls: "Coming out of the whirlwind of PP pretty broken, unwell and very emotionally low and going into such a safe space has truly changed and saved me.

“Every single human I have met on this job has been loving, kind, supportive and quite honestly hilarious.

"I don’t think I’ve ever been more myself in my life.

"Honestly it’s been that beautiful. To the cast, crew, wham, creative team, front of house and even the chap who finally fixed my toilet: THANK YOU.”

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Rebecca isn't drawing a veil on the stage, as she moves off into "the next era”.

She said: "I truly hope I do more theatre - acting has really soothed a part of me that has so many emotions and not enough places to put them.

"Special shout out to Jordan Fein (theater and opera director) for his patience and belief in me. And to Jake (Shears played the part of Emcee) who could not have been more perfect in this role and as a friend to go through this process with.

"I love that your Emcee and my Sally have really seen some s**t. It’s been an honour to work with you.

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"I am bereft to be leaving Sally behind but let’s be real she’s lived on in Self Esteem long before this and will live on and on as I go into the next era.”

Rebecca, an honorary doctor of music at the University of Sheffield, concluded: "Thank you all for your kind words and gifts and support. I’m honestly a f****** mess and it’s not even ten am yet. AND AS FOR ME. Sally forever.”

American-based actor-songwriter-musician Grace Millo believes she should carry on the role over the pond.

She suggested Rebecca should try her hand with Cabaret on Broadway: £As I am sure it will be an enormous hit here soon and a cast change will be imminent in a super successful long run.”

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One fan posted on social media: "I saw the show a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. What a privilege to see so much talent, energy and emotion. You're perfect for this role. It's been great following your amazing journey.

"I know how much this has meant to you and I hope you get the chance to do more theatre. You're born for it."

The show attracted many supporters from her Rotherham (including her former music teacher) and Sheffield.

One Yorkshire fan wrote: "You were mind-blowing in this show. Thank you for reminding me why I love theatre so much!”