Online music and theatre event to mark Black History Month

AN ANTI-racism group is teaming up with an arts collective to organise an online event next week for Black History Month.

Stand Up To Racism and Artful: Make It Happen are working with Rotherham TUC to present writer, singer and actor Tayo Aluko’s “Paul Robeson's Love Song”.

The story, being screened from 7pm to 9pm next Wednesday, features two siblings who, while clearing out their late mother's belongings, discover a package containing a record, suggesting a possible romantic link between their grandmother and Paul Robeson, dating back to 1949.


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As they watch coverage of protests at the latest police shooting happening down the road from them, they recall their mother telling them of protests at a Robeson concert outside Peekskill, New York, in 1949.


They realise that as a child, she had witnessed the best and the worst of their country in violent conflict in the same way as was unfolding now in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The performance, which contains some racist and anti-Semitic language, is an imagined story based around events in Peekskill and Kenosha in the 40s.


Visit to see the trailer.


The online event includes a live performance by the Love and Music Band.

You can attend via Zoom using Meeting ID: 856 8050 3692 and Passcode: 955184


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