Clifton Park Bonfire Night cancelled due to soggy ground

ROTHERHAM Council has cancelled the Bonfire Night celebrations in Clifton Park – saying recent rainfall has left the ground too soggy.

The celebrations, including the fireworks display, have been called off because of Storm Babet’s torrential downpours which left parts of the borough flooded.

Polly Hamilton, RMBC’s assistant director of culture, sport and tourism, said: “Residents’ safety is our number one priority.

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“The conditions at the park following last week’s storm mean the ground is just not safe for people to gather in large numbers.

“The rain from last weekend and further rain this week has made the grassy areas very muddy and slippery and so for safety reasons, sadly, we have had to cancel this celebration event. We cannot take risks, especially with an event such as this which will be held when it is dark.

“We would encourage all residents to attend organised events where possible, as these are safer than trying to hold them yourselves.”

The council’s event on November 4 was set to include fairground rides, which have also been cancelled due to the health and safety concerns.

Heavy rainfall also saw the event cancelled in 2019.

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Group manager Ade Parkin, from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, said: “We are appealing to everyone to take great care on Bonfire Night.

“We'd encourage you to attend an organised display instead of having fireworks at home. If you do choose to have a display at home, please make sure you follow the firework code.

“It’s a fact that many accidents are caused by improper use of fireworks and by carelessness. Figures also show that more children than adults get hurt by fireworks.”