Bungalow could scupper new plans for old pub in Laughton

A FORMER village pub could be converted into apartments – but the council’s transport officers are unhappy with plans to add a bungalow on the land.

The application from Mr Wildsmith gives details of how the Hatfeild Arms at Laughton could be turned into five flats – one fewer than in previous plans from 2020.

The new proposals also include a detached bungalow to be built at the rear of the former pub on High Street.

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Planning papers say the proposed development would deliver quality housing in a sustainable location where brownfield land is at a premium.

But Rotherham Council’s highways department has indicated that it will not support the bungalow being added to the site.

Development manager SImon Gammons said: “The access to the former public house car park is restricted in terms of visibility and the previous application was recommended for approval on the grounds that the use of the access would be similar to that of a village public house.

“With the introduction of a dwelling to the rear, I am of the opinion that this will now encourage service vehicles (parcel deliveries, etc) to access the site and therefore intensify the access.

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“Any scheme for a dwelling would also require a turning facility for a fire appliance size vehicle to the rear of the public house and the private drive should be a minimum of 4.5 metres in width.

“Taking the above into account, I am unable to support the additional dwelling to the rear and that this aspect should be removed from the current application.”

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