ALBUM REVIEW: Thank You and Goodnight by Boyzone

SELF-confessed Boyzone fan Claire Sherratt runs the rule over the Irish's quartet's "farewell" album.

AS A Boyzone fan from the beginning — way back in the 1990s — and someone who owns every previous album, I was hoping that this final album wouldn’t disappoint. I’m pleased to say it didn’t. 

On first listen, it opens with a few easy listening, cheery love songs including singles Because and Love — written by Ed Sheeran and Gary Barlow.

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They are very much what you would expect from these four Irish boys — or should that be men now? — and after a couple of listens you can’t help but hum or sing along to them. 

There is an unusual collaboration halfway through with Alesha Dixon for Tongue Tied, which I felt was a bit of an odd choice: I’m not sure why she should feature on a Boyzone farewell album. 

This is one of my least favourite songs on the album, although I don’t dislike it, so it may grow on me. 

The album takes a bit of a turn from track six Talk About Love onwards, when it gets more upbeat and interesting and the tunes — from Loaded Gun, which has a very country vibe to it, and the orchestra-backed Symphony of Hearts to Learn to Love Again — are instantly likeable. 

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I can imagine them singing all of these at one of their live shows next year.


The album is very heavy on the Ronan Keating vocals. This is to be expected since he is the lead singer but it is always nice to hear the odd vocals from fellow members Mikey Graham, Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch, just to remind you it isn't just a Ronan solo album. 

The song they have chosen to end on is a totally fitting track, Dream, featuring late band member Stephen Gately’s vocal.

I can’t be the only fan to have got a lump in my throat and goose-bumps listening to his recognisable voice on this brand new song. 

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This track was originally recorded solo by Gately back in the early 2000s but recently rediscovered by original producer Pete Kirtley. 

He sent it to the rest of the group who decided to re-record it but keep some of Stephen’s vocals in — I’m so glad they did as I think it is one of my favourites on the album. 

Overall, this is a typical Boyzone album but with a more modern feel and a different mix of songs thrown in.  

It’s a nice way to say goodbye to the fans after 25 years but as an original fan I still hope this is goodnight, as the album title suggest, and not “Goodbye forever”

Thank You and Goodnight is out now. Boyzone are touring the new album next year, with tickets on sale now. 


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