Willett ready for Rio

RIO-bound Danny Willett says he’s no worries over the Zika virus as he prepares to take part in the Olympic showpiece.

Willett tees off next Thursday in pursuit of a gold medal to pump up a season that has flagged since the Masters triumph in April which propelled him to stardom.

Several high-profile golfers have pulled out of the competition — but the Rotherham Golf Club ace has shrugged off any fears.

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“The Zika thing was a simple way of having an excuse,” said Willett.

“It would be interesting if Zika wasn’t around because you have still got a few guys withdrawing purely because of the scheduling.

“I have played Leopard Creek in South Africa about four or five times and there is more of a risk of contracting malaria there than there is getting Zika in Rio. As long as you take the appropriate precautions, you should be OK.

“It is a shame, the number of withdrawals, but I don’t think it should take anything away from what should be a fantastic Olympic Games.

“There is still going to be a fantastic field going down to Rio to compete. For all the negatives, we are still going to get one of the strongest fields this year.”