Wath's cricket and rugby clubs assess extent of floods damage

Wath's cricket and rugby clubs assess extent of floods damage

By | 15/11/2019

Wath's cricket and rugby clubs assess extent of floods damage
The scene at Wath cricket and rugby field this week.

WATH'S cricket and rugby clubs are counting the cost of the floods which have hit their home for the second time in 12 years.

The ground they share at Moor Road has been swamped in a repeat of the deluge of 2007. 

While the rugby club's headquarters across the road have suffered some water damage, it is the cricket pavilion which has been worst hit.

The water seeped in to a height of about 3ft.

First team captain Rob Barlow said: “The carpets are all ruined, although a lot of the furniture we have managed to save by putting it high on the bar.

“The last time the damage cost around £40,000 to put right. This time I don't think it is as bad but off the top of my head I would imagine you would be looking at five figures. 

“It will not sink the club. It is just the hassle of doing it.

“We are also having to do something with our practice net facilities because they still have standing water and we don't know the extent of the damage.”

Flashback...the flooded field in 2007.

The cricket club met with insurance loss adjustors this week and has applied to the ECB emergency fund for help.

Fund-raising is also planned and there have been offers of assistance from local clubs.

But unlike 2007, when the torrential rain fell in the middle of summer and meant Wath had to go and play their home games elsewhere, its timing this time at least means there is a chance the pitch will have recovered in time for the new cricket season next spring.

“With the pitch, it all depends on what comes down in the rest of the winter. This is only the first dollop of rain,” cautioned Rob.

“When it happened last time we played elsewhere for the rest of the season and started back the following year but the season is still five months away and we hope we can get the preparation done in time and that in the shorter term the rugby lads can get started on it. It is those guys who are struggling at the moment.

“With their clubhouse being across the road, the building was a bit higher so they have been lucky building wise but because it has fallen in their season, they have fallen unlucky playing wise.”

The rugby club's first team match against North Ribblesdale last weekend had to be postponed.

A rugby club spokesman said: “We are in the hands of Rotherham Borough Council to pump the water off. 

“We did have plans for a home fixture but don't think that will be possible.”