Shades of 2007 for Wath's flooded cricket and rugby clubs

Shades of 2007 for Wath's flooded cricket and rugby clubs

By David Beddows | 09/11/2019

Shades of 2007 for Wath's flooded cricket and rugby clubs

WATH’S cricket and rugby clubs have been hit by floods in a repeat of the deluge of 2007.

The ground they share at Moor Road has been turned into a virtual boating lake by the torrential rain, with the water spilling over into neighbouring roads and properties.

Images show that the water has risen right up to the front door of the cricket clubhouse and it also reached as far as the rugby club’s headquarters across the road.

The rugby club’s first team fixture at home to North Ribblesale today has been called off.

The cricket club’s first team captain Rob Barlow, who remembers the problems of 2007, said: “We have spent a lot of money on flood defences and so on but sometimes you just can’t beat Mother Nature.

“The water is right up to the cricket clubhouse door and it is just under the windows, which are about waist height. You would think a lot of the water has seeped in but we won’t know to what level until we get in.”

Water at the door of the cricket clubhouse at Wath. Photos courtesy of Wath Cricket Club.

Players and officials must now wait until the water recedes before they can properly assess the damage.

Rob added: “Last time in 2007 it was the middle of summer and we had some decent weather afterwards and the water went relatively quickly but you can’t really judge it. You just have to cross your fingers. It all depends how quickly it drains and if there is any more rain.

“It has receded a little bit since Thursday night and Friday morning but not by much. We did go down on Thursday night and moved all the furniture as high as we can on to the bar and tables. We did what we could but I don’t think it’s been good enough.

The view looking towards the rugby pitch.

“The water has gone right across the road and flooded the guys at the rugby club a little bit and their changing rooms. There are also a few houses involved and that’s put it into a little bit of perspective. As much as we are disappointed, when it is someone’s home and mortgage it is of more importance than sports clubs. At the end of the day it is those guys who are more important.”

Wath Rugby Club expressed similar sentiments on social media.

“Local homes and the cricket clubhouse have been flooded but thankfully everyone is safe,” they said.

Elsewhere, the kinder weather in the south of the country means Rotherham United’s FA Cup tie away to Maidenhead United today is expected to go ahead. Rotherham Titans’ pitch at Clifton Lane is fit enough to host their National One fixture at home to Rams but other local sports fixtures are likely to be disrupted.