Rotherham tennis ace Josh Bows eyes move to next level

Rotherham tennis ace Josh Bows eyes move to next level

By David Beddows | 20/01/2020

Rotherham tennis ace Josh Bows eyes move to next level
Tennis talent Josh Bows.

TENNIS ace Josh Bows wants to serve up more successes this year in pursuit of his ultimate goal.

The teenager from Whiston is already a regular winner at local and county level but would love to eventually make it into the pro ranks.

To do requires dedication and talent, both of which the Thomas Rotherham College student has in abundance.

“I have been playing tennis since I was five,” explained Josh. “My mum and my grandma both played when they were younger. My brother played as well and he originally taught me.

“My hero is Roger Federer. I also look up to Dominic Thiem as well but Federer is just incredible.

“One day I would love to compete at a professional level as well because I have always liked competing but there other things I need to achieive first.”

Josh, who plays for Moorgate, continues to be the only representative from South Yorkshire in the Yorkshire 18-and-Under team.

Helped by his work with coach Glyn Smith, Josh is now ranked number three in the county at 16-and-Under level, number 12 at 18-and-Under and number 25 among all players in the county. This week he started working with a fresh coach in Dominic Sutton at Graves Park.

Admired...Roger Federer.

“I went through a dip for a few months but I feel I have improved a lot more to where I was,” added Josh, who combines his tennis with his studies at TRC.

“There is the County Cup at the end of February that I want to play in and I would like to play for Britain at a youth level if I can. I'm not even 18-and-Under yet, I'm still in the under-16s.

“I have some national gradings next month in Nottingham and I want to keep competing at that level.”

Josh can certainly count on the support of his clubmates as he develops his game.

Spokesman John McGleave said: “Josh has become a tremendous player as well as a popular person around the club and has played at the top level for the last few years. 

“All of the younger members of the club look up to him and he is always ready to give his time to help them out.”

lIf any companies or individuals are interested in sponsoring Josh or help with his training, travel and equipment costs, he can be contacted on 07522 071373 or at