Rotherham Hockey Club on lookout for new faces

Rotherham Hockey Club on lookout for new faces

By David Beddows | 16/10/2020

Rotherham Hockey Club on lookout for new faces

ROTHERHAM Hockey Club wants to turn more youngsters on to the sport as a turbulent year slowly draws to a close.

Hockey has stiff competition from rival sports such as football, rugby and cricket for the attention of children and isn't as widely played in schools.

The club has a strong youth section for boys and girls aged 5-17 but new chairman James Thomas wants numbers not to just stay static, but grow.

“Our club is in a tight situation because Rotherham schools aren't supporting the sport so much,” he said.

“It is great that we can nip across to universities and get four or five players in one hit but that only lasts three years at a time. We want to keep kids signing up to play long term. 

“Our hope is to grow our numbers and youth section enough to make us sustainable and build the club up.”

Rotherham run one of the lowest priced and flexible memberships in the area. There are reduced rates for students, youth members and irregular players and a free home shirt for new members. People who bring a friend along receive match fee credits.

The club hosts midweek coaching sessions and plays matches on Saturdays, competing in the North and Yorkshire hockey leagues.

Any younger or older players interested in taking up hockey should visit the club website at