Rotherham CrossFit team measure up to Europe's best

Rotherham CrossFit team measure up to Europe's best

By David Beddows | 28/07/2022

Rotherham CrossFit team measure up to Europe's best
The Rotherham CrossFit team left to right Liwas Phulikas, Ruta Lendraitene, Georgina Davenport and Matt Rodway.

SPORTS fitness enthusiasts from a booming local gym are measuring up to the continent's best.

A team from Rotherham CrossFit have just reached the semi-finals of the CrossFit Games at the Excel Arena in London, where they finished 15th in the whole of Europe and placed third in one event.

It is a huge achievement for the athletes from the gym, based a stone's throw from the town centre in Henley Grove Road.

CrossFit is a combination of different sports, taking in Olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, biking and cardio.

Competitors are tested across all the different obstacles and apparatus.

Rotherham Crossfit team manager Mark Brine said: “The sport been going for about ten years now but it's getting bigger and bigger in this country.

“There are 700 affiliated gyms across the UK and about 250,000 people a year enter the Games, which start in February across the country.

“Everyone involved does tests in their gym and the field is narrowed down from 250,000 to 3,000 and then to the top 20, which is what we got to.

“From there they take the top five to the actual final in the United States.”

It is not the first time Rotherham CrossFit has excelled on the national and international stage.

In 2017 Murtaza Nadeem reached the Games finals in Madison.

Mark added: “You could argue all day long which sport has the fittest participants on earth but CrossFit could certainly lay claim to it.

“Its motto is Fittest on Earth and the men and women we have competing in Rotherham are fine exponents of the discipline.”

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