Millers need a fan playing on the pitch

Millers need a fan playing on the pitch

By Wayne Smith, Lifetime Miller | 01/12/2011 0 comments

Millers need a fan playing on the pitch

In the first half I thought we played very well, the best I’ve seen us play for a while and I was quite impressed as we were playing a hotly-tipped side for success.

Having said that we probably were one of the favourites to go up at the start of the season too. We created chance after chance with the finishing touch evading us on most occasions.

Of course there was the goal that wasn’t a goal which got lots of fans confused as the ball appeared to go in. The reaction of the players gave away the fact that the ball had hit the support post behind the goal and nestled in the back netting. The Millers went in at half time 1-0 up but it could have been 3 or 4-0.

Crawley didn’t really show anything is the first half other than the lack of pace and apparent enthusiasm graced by the former Miller Pablo Mills. If Pablo looked as if he was trying he could be such a quality player, but everything seems to be a chore to him almost like a moody teenager. The second half was to show a different story.

When the second half came around with all the Rotherham fans thinking we can win this. Crawley created a couple of chances and took both of them. Crawley also tried in vain to break Rotherham’s high line offside trap.

I tell you we owe a big thank you to the referee’s assistant on our near side as he seem to give offside every time even when they appeared as though they could have been onside. The Millers huffed and puffed to try to equalize but sadly the Crawley house did not cave in as Pablo and his fellow defenders headed everything away.

Man of the match showing his higher standard of football experience: John Harley.

He showed a real touch of class from time to time. Enough so as to make me wonder whether he could be the midfield ball player I would love to see us purchase. Our team lacks the older head midfield general that all our promotion winning ides have had. Tony Grealish, Steve Thompson, Mick Gooding to mention a few. Maybe we could tempt Robbie Savage out of retirement for a season!

When will Ryan Creswell be back? I miss him! Every team needs a fan of the team playing in the team. That will to win is much greater with a fan.

Wayne Smith

A.K.A. Billy Quiz

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