Landlords ease fears about future of Maltby sports ground

Landlords ease fears about future of Maltby sports ground

By David Beddows | 19/06/2020

Landlords ease fears about future of Maltby sports ground

LANDOWNERS of a sports ground used by hundreds of people have made reassurances about its future after moving in to take control from the trustees.

There was shock on Tuesday when landlords CISWO (Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation) shut the facility at Muglet Lane at Maltby and changed the locks.

The move followed months of uncertainty about the site since the trustees overseeing it closed the linked Stute Club because it was losing money. There were even concerns among some of its users, which include Maltby Main FC, Maltby Main Juniors FC and Maltby Cricket Club, that it could be used for housing.

However CISWO provided clarity this week when it underlined its commitment to the site as a venue for sport and indicated a lack of confidence in the trustees.

It said in a statement: “Following longstanding issues with the management of Maltby Colliery Institute and Recreation Ground scheme, we — as the landowners — have taken control of the charity's facilities on Muglet Lane, Maltby. 

“The charity's Trustees have failed to act in accordance with the lease agreement and we are concerned that the charitable assets are deteriorating and we have taken direct action to effectively end the charity's lease of the site. 

“We have taken this action to protect facilities on the site, which we recognise are integral to the community. We have no plans for the site other than to see it being used to its recreational potential, and will be immediately contacting user groups, including Maltby Main FC, to reassure them about continuity.”