Future of Maltby sports ground is secure, claim trustees

Future of Maltby sports ground is secure, claim trustees

By David Beddows | 16/03/2019

Future of Maltby sports ground is secure, claim trustees

TRUSTEES overseeing one of Rotherham's oldest sports grounds insist there is still a viable long term future for the facilities.

Doubts have been raised over the future of the site at Muglet Lane at Maltby ever since the charity which looks after it closed the neighbouring Maltby MW Club four months ago because it was losing money.

The charity has only ten years of funding left and there are fears the funds could drain away long before that time, leaving Maltby Main Football Club, neighbouring Maltby MW JFC and Maltby MW Cricket Club without a home.

Muglet Lane is also used by the whippet racing club and Maltby MW Brass Band.

A spokesman for the charity trustees this week said that fees at Muglet Lane would have to rise but, contrary to fears, they would not be substantial enough to put the future of the clubs in doubt.

“We will have to increase the fees because it has always been subsidised before and now we are going to have to subsidise a bit less,” he said.

“We are trying to get to a place where the field roughly covers its own expenses.

“There can be a future for the fields beyond ten years but we can't carry on with the same system as we did last year, for example.

“If you cut your costs and increase your pitch fees a little bit, the ten can become 20 very quickly.”

Users of the field still want clarity on the issue.

Maltby Main chairman Wilf Race said: “It's a difficult and worrying time. Despite indicating that pitch fees were going to be reviewed, the trustees have still not been back to us and confirmed how it will affect us. That in turn puts on hold next year's budget planning.

“Depending how much the fees increase, it could have huge implications on our ability to survive at our level of football.”