Crowd numbers add up for Titans

Crowd numbers add up for Titans

By David Beddows | 12/03/2021

Crowd numbers add up for Titans


ROTHERHAM Titans are hopeful they will be able to welcome spectators back to Clifton Lane when action resumes in the autumn.

In the wake of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's promise that “the turnstiles of our stadia will rotate once again” as lockdown restrictions ease, up to 10,000 fans could be allowed into stadiums in mid-May.

By the time rugby returns in September, the percentage limit allowed could comfortably accommodate anticipated gates at Clifton Lane.

“We have our fingers crossed the new season is going to kick off in September,” said John Whaling, Titans' commercial director.

“With the words coming out from the Government, they are looking at the FA Cup final and the League Cup final for test events for having crowds in.

“They were also talking about 30 per cent attendance for the Euros and if we could get that in Clifton Lane we would be fine.

“Our capacity is 2,500, so 30 per cent of that is 750, which we don't really get.

“We need bar access as well or to set up outside facilities because it is alright having 700 fans there, but they need to be buying drinks.

“We may have to adapt and we will have to adapt to whatever the rules are.”