Contractors press on with Herringthorpe Stadium revamp

Contractors press on with Herringthorpe Stadium revamp

By David Beddows | 11/02/2022

Contractors press on with Herringthorpe Stadium revamp
Herringthorpe Stadium ... floodlight work due to start later this month.


CONTRACTORS are getting down to the nitty gritty of the most extensive refurbishment of Herringthorpe Stadium in years.

The venue, which opened in 1960, is getting some much-needed TLC, with a revamp of the main building, new floodlights and track repairs among the list of jobs.

Safety concerns over the existing floodlights mean the 12 existing columns are having to be taken down and new concrete foundations laid for the new ones.
That work is expected to start on February 21, after which the stadium's main users, Rotherham Harriers Athletics Club, will move out to use facilities in Sheffield for around a month.
In the meantime work on revamping the tired main building continues.
Harriers secretary Steve Gaines said: “The building is quite old. There was some structural timber that needed to be replaced so the whole place has had a good refurbishment.
“They are stripping all the old wooden cladding off, which was a bit of a mess, and replacing it with uPVC cladding. They are well down the road of re-wiring the building and doing work to the floors.
“The hold-up has been the floodlight element of the contract.
“Nobody was absolutely sure as to how structurally sound the columns or the foundations were because they have been there for 30 years.
“The track needs to be covered so they can get the plant in there to excavate and cast the foundations and get the cables into the new bases and then putting the actual poles on top and getting the lights working. That is about four weeks work.
“Some repairs to damaged areas of the track are needed because it is so long since it has been laid and they have to be done after the floodlights are completed in case there is some accidental damage.”
Harriers expect it will be the end of March before they can move back in to use the stadium for training and are not expecting full use of the venue in April at all.
Conveniently, Woodburn Road in Sheffield is available for use on Mondays and Wednesdays for track work because the city's athletics clubs train on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Harriers will continue to do some running on Herringthorpe Playing Fields in the evenings.
The club was supposed to be hosting a competition in April but that has now been switched to York and the intention is to bring it to Rotherham in June instead.
Steve added: “I'm hoping that when we get to June we will have a refurbished building, a refurbished track and all the throws cage and everything else will be up to date.
“We will be up to the UK Athletics Track Mark certification.”
The upgrade has also been welcomed by other stadium users, including footballers.
The venue is a popular choice for local finals.