British title challenger Sam O'maison up for the biggest fight of his life

British title challenger Sam O'maison up for the biggest fight of his life

By Bob Westerdale | 29/07/2022

British title challenger Sam O'maison  up for the biggest fight of his life
Sam O'maison (right) with sparring partner Lewis Sylvester ahead of his British title fight at Sheffield Arena.

ROTHERHAM puncher Sam O'maison plans to turn British boxing upside down.

On Saturday the 31-year-old Super Lightweight will compete against Sheffield's Dalton Smith for the vacant British title.

The Waverley father-of-two is the underdog after just one bout in almost three years and is up against heavy-handed Smith's flawless record of 11 straight wins.

But the fighter says he is well prepared for the biggest challenge of his life, a South Yorkshire 'derby' which will be watched by more than 5,000 fans at Sheffield Arena and streamed live on the DAZN platform.

On paper, the odds seem waged against him.

Red hot favourite Smith is unbeaten, with nine KOs, and is six years younger.

O'maison, 31, has boxed just four rounds against a journeyman since September 2019 — when he surrendered his English title to Kay Prospere.

“I was massively disheartened after losing and falling down the (boxing) ladder and my sponsorships dropped off,” says the ten-year ring veteran, who has fought three times at the Magna Centre.

“Then Covid hit. But I trained all that time, re-evaluated things and this time I have given myself the best chance by using a conditioning coach.
“I have been sparring a lot and my boxing ability is the best it has ever been.

“Before I could just stand there and have a good scrap but Dalton will be a different kettle of fish.

“He is a very good counter-puncher, boxer, he can fight, he can do it all, to be fair. He is no mug.

“I sparred with him (as amateurs) and I know if you take your eye off him, he has very fast reactions and he'll get you.

“Matchroom (promoters) class him as the golden kid coming through. It's going to be a tough one.”

O'maison has experience in his corner, though.

“I've been at it long time, I have everything in the toolbox I need and will be able to adapt to however the fight turns out to be.

“Without doubt, people see me as the underdog, they will have written me off, to be honest. But I am not really bothered, I am ready.

“The British title is what everybody wants.

“This will be the biggest fight of my life...a big career change,” said O'maison, who has lived in Waverley for five years.

“I am confident, I wouldn't go into this if I wasn't, I wouldn't make myself look stupid in front of everybody.”

The boxing public won't hear any trash talk from O'maison in the run-up to the Arena bill, which includes Rotherham prospect Junaid Bostan.

“I know Dalton's family, he's a nice lad. I'll shake his hand at the end of it, whatever happens.

“But at that point I know I'll have done everything I can both in preparation and in the fight itself. It's going to be a big night.”