ANGLING: Here comes the sun... and bigger weights

ANGLING: Here comes the sun... and bigger weights

By Martin Read | 20/05/2022

ANGLING: Here comes the sun... and bigger weights


CONSISTENTLY warm weather is resulting in some excellent weights from clubs and fisheries around the patch.

And as club match programmes get underway, and with the first swallows being seen, it all augers for a good summer on the way.

But just a word of warning for the short term, already there are whispers of that dreaded word, “spawning”.

One angler who is making the best of everything is Mark White.

MARK WHITE, winner (again) at Wentworth.

Last week Mark obliterated the opposition in Monday's match at Wentworth with a massive 34lbs 7ozs net. This Monday he carried on his success with a winning 20lbs 7ozs net.  In second place was Phil Flanangan, who weighed 14lbs 15ozs, just beating Mark Turton, who had 14lbs 3ozs for third and Graeme Herbert, who had 13lbs 10ozs for fourth.

Dave Howitt was fifth with 12lbs 14ozs and Ray Poole who was sixth with 12lbs 5ozs.

Anglers from Rawmarsh's Horse and Jockey AC already have their first two matches under their belts, the first being fished at Woodhouse Grange's Ghost Lake where Roy Waites fished his standard method feeder to land a winning 107lbs 2ozs of F1s for victory. Charlie Hurst wasn't far behind, taking 103lbs 1oz of F1s fishing shallow with the pole. In third place was club secretary Geoff Rutter who fished similarly for 82lbs 14ozs. Graham Turner was fourth with 82lbs leaving Col. Oldfield's 44lbs 12ozs in fifth place and Harry Booth's 42lbs 4ozs in sixth.

The club's second match was at Candy Corner, where Alan Hinchcliffe took the honours with a 51lbs 8ozs bomb and pellet net. Will Rutter had the second highest weight with 42lbs 2ozs, holding off Dick Hurdiss who weighed 36lbs 12ozs for third, and Steve Jackson, who had 30lbs 15ozs for fourth. Frank Hitchens was fifth with 30lbs exactly and Mick Litchfield sixth with 28lbs 8ozs.

Reel Legends AC anglers fished their first match on the Oak Avenue Lake at Springvale where Wayne North took the honours with a 119lbs 15ozs net ahead of Scott Lunn who had 101lbs exactly for second. A total of 81lbs 11ozs gave Lee Shepherd the third place, leaving John Shaw in fourth place with 69lbs 8ozs and James Britton in fifth with 65lbs 10ozs.

The Kepple AC fished on the Cherry Lake at Swanlands at the weekend where Mark Davies fished the pole shallow for the highest weight of 63lbs 14ozs. Oliver Littlewood was his nearest rival, weighing 61lbs for second and pushing Bailey Longmore's 48lbs 4ozs into third.

Section winners were Steve Eaves, 40lbs 11ozs and James Colwell, 32lbs 2ozs. The golden peg wasn't won and rolls over to the next match.

Spurley Hey anglers fished at Springvale last week where J. Wotherspoon was the match winner with a weight of 55lbs 2ozs. D. Sylvester was second with 50lbs 4ozs. leaving Mick Marshall and Ellis Straker in third and fourth places with 40lbs 5ozs and 36lbs 13ozs respectively.

Section winners were Ted Burns, 22lbs 10ozs, Steve Barrie, 21lbs 15ozs, Roy Waites, 30lbs 5ozs, and Mal Dean, 26lbs 10ozs.

Securicor and Friends were at Aston Ponds fishing Bills Lake last week where Roy Waites led the field with 48lbs 14ozs. Mark Thompson was his nearest challenger taking 43lbs 10ozs for second place and leaving Glynn Denton's 40lbs 8ozs in third place. Dave Ramshaw was fourth with 37lbs 2ozs and Kim Terill fifth with 34lbs 4ozs.

The Stag AC fished its first match of the season, the Spring Sweepstake, on the Main Lake at Lowfield Lakes las Sunday where Barry Heappey landed 13 carp and some silver fish at peg 13 for victory with 53lbs 9ozs. Paul Busby, at adjoining peg 14, was second with a similar carp and silverfish net weighing 39lbs 7ozs.

A total of 34lbs 14ozs gave Stuart Senior the third place with brother Glynn finishing fourth with 33lbs 3ozs. Simon Heappey's 23lbs 6ozs put him in fifth with Mick Baldwin sixth with 26lbs 12ozs. The winning team consisted of Barry Heappey and Kevin Bramham with a weight of 62lbs 13ozs.

The First Spring Lake at Springvale was the venue for Killamarsh West End AC last Sunday where Dave Thompson was the match winner with a weight of 111lbs 13ozs from peg 27.

Andrew Morley took second place with 79lbs 5ozs just ahead of C. Barem, who weighed 75lbs 1oz for third, and Philip Dopson, who had 63lbs 1oz for fourth. Steve Bucker was fifth with 61lbs and John Hardy sixth with 53lbs 2ozs.

A tale of two end pegs in the latest Ravenfield Ponds Multi-Pond series fished on the stream side of the Great Pond.

Dave Tattersall fished end peg 13 the deepest and nearest the dam to find a series of big ide in his winning 24lbs 2ozs net. Stuart Senior was at peg one, the shallowest, at the other end of the length and found a mixed net of silvers for 19lbs and second place. In third place was Harry Booth on peg 7 who weighed 11lbs 6ozs of mainly tench.

Section winners were Dave Howitt and Steve Scott with 10lbs 6ozs and 9lbs 15ozs respectively.

The glorious and hot weather last Saturday was blamed for a fall in weights in the Kilnhurst and District AA match at Baker's Pond which Stuart Senior won with 5lbs 10ozs from peg 27.

Paul Hunt wasn't far behind using his new groundbait to take second place with 5lbs 4ozs and leave Dave Howitt in third place with 4lbs 10ozs.

Martin Sloan was fourth with 4lbs 8ozs and Kevin Bramham fifth with 4lbs 2ozs.