ANGLING: Clive Machin and Wayne Cannon capitalise on rich pickings at Kiveton Hall Farm

ANGLING: Clive Machin and Wayne Cannon capitalise on rich pickings at Kiveton Hall Farm

By Martin Read | 23/05/2022

ANGLING: Clive Machin and Wayne Cannon capitalise on rich pickings at Kiveton Hall Farm


SOME good weights have been reported from the commercial venues — not least at Kiveton Hall Farm.

Clive Machin won last Wednesday's match there with an 82lbs 5ozs net from peg 35. Dave Hawksworth took the second place with 60lbs 5ozs, leaving Dave Briggs' 57lbs 9ozs in third. Section winners were Stuart Lucas, 43lbs 5ozs, Pete Gould, 30lbs and James Bond, 55lbs 2ozs.

Sunday's match weights at the venue were even better, with Wayne Cannon taking the top spot with a 101lbs 15ozs net from peg 52. Steve Robinson was second with 94lbs 15ozs with John Stone third with 90lbs 11ozs and Ricky Darby fourth with 81lbs 10ozs. Section winners were Richard Allen, 79lbs 1oz, Shane Hodkin, 45lbs 11ozs, Chris Graves, 59lbs 10ozs, and Tony Rawden, 78lbs 15ozs.

Twenty-nine anglers fished at Bank End last Sunday where Mark Kettle had the highest weight with 133lbs 9ozs from peg 31. Matt Grove, at adjoining peg 30, was second with 122lbs which left Dave Wiles in third place with 104lbs and John Lindsey in fourth with 103lbs 6ozs. Dave Swift was fifth with 87lbs 9ozs and Mick Greenmoor sixth with 85lbs 10ozs.

The Walkley Lads fished at Sherwood Forrest on Saturday where Gary Yorke was the match winner with 81lbs 4ozs. Phil Murphy was second with 56lbs 6ozs leaving Chris Glaves in third place with 51lbs 13ozs. Pete Morley finished fourth with 43lbs 2ozs, Steve Robinson fifth with 34lbs 13ozs and John Stone sixth with 32lbs 1oz.

Tuesday's match at Woodhouse Grange as held on both the Ghost and Kingfisher lakes and it was the Ghost that provided the best weights. Alan Gerrard had the highest weight with 182lbs from peg 6. Paul Daniels magicked 142 lbs for second place with Tony Reeves finishing third with 130lbs.

Sean O'Malley was the winner of Thursday's match on the Dog Kennel Lake landing 160lbs from peg 6. Mick Glaister took the second place with 134lbs and Bob Palmer the third with 131lbs.

Lee Rowlands was the winner of Saturday's match on the Ghost Lake with 130lbs 4ozs. P Frannick was second with 112lbs and Ethan Dalton third with 109lbs 8ozs. 133lbs gave Dale Haywood victory in Sunday's match on the Cobble Lake and left Craig Ellis' 112lbs in second place. Lee Rowland and P. Frannick tried for third with 98lbs each.

Rob Hitchens returned to the top in Sunday's match at the Ferry Boat Farm with a weight of 57lbs 13ozs. Steve Forster was second with 49lbs 14ozs and K. Hale third with 36lbs 15ozs.

Section winners were S Corbett, 11lbs 13ozs, Ronnie Bradder, 27lbs 12ozs, Derek Jackson, 18lbs 2ozs and A Foster, 33lbs 8ozs. John Edwards was awarded a 10.0 score from the dive judges but failed to weigh.

Mick Humphries was the winner of Wednesday's match held on the Riverside Lake at Lowfield Lakes with a weight of 33lbs 2ozs from peg 20. Shaun Daykin took the second place with 30lbs and David Swift the third with 18lbs 4ozs.

Venue expert Jamie Lovitt won Sunday's match on the same lake with a 71lbs 7ozs net from peg 19. Ben Fox was second with 58lbs 11ozs and Joe Sedgwick third with 55lbs 10ozs. Section winners were Paul Dolton, 47lbs 15ozs and Gary Weekes, 46lbs 12ozs.