ANGLING: (Big) business as usual at Barnburgh Lakes

ANGLING: (Big) business as usual at Barnburgh Lakes

By Martin Read | 11/06/2022

ANGLING: (Big) business as usual at Barnburgh Lakes

THERE were big weights at Barnburgh Lakes, as normal.

Eddie Peo won Tuesday's event on the Bottom Pond with 160lbs 13ozs. Paul Nash was second with 82lbs 5ozs easing Simon Parson's 64lbs 5ozs into third place and Steve Bloomer's 63lbs 6ozs into fourth. Chris Wright was fifth with 52lbs 12ozs and Steve Bromfield sixth with 52lbs 2ozs.

Friday's open match on the Top Lake saw Steve Luck land a massive 248lbs 13ozs for victory over Eddie Peo, who had 184lbs 7ozs for second, and Mick Herrington, who had 165lbs 8ozs for third.

Jamie Fleeman took the place with 138lbs 5ozs leaving Steve Bloomer's 128lbs 2ozs in fifth and Steve Bromfield's 115lbs 13ozs in sixth.

Brandon Denton was the winner of last Wednesday's match on the Riverside Lake at Lowfield Lakes with a weight of 26lbs 11ozs. Shaun Daykin managed the second place with 24lbs 5ozs and Martin Sedgwick the third with 21lbs 7ozs. Section winners were Dean Whittam, 19lbs 2ozs, and Ben Fox 13lbs 14ozs.

The venue hosted the Chris 'Fez' Ferrie memorial match on the Main Lake last Saturday, a competition that Chris Roberts won at peg 29 with 75lbs 7ozs. Barry Chipchase took second place with 70lbs 13ozs leaving Jamie Lovitt's 51lbs 6ozs in third and Dean Whittam 45lbs 15ozs in fourth.

Sunday's open match was on the Riverside Lake where Gary Weeks won with a weight of 68lbs 12ozs. Brandon Denton was second with 54lbs 3ozs and Martin Sedgwick third with 42lbs 15ozs. Section winners were Dean Whittam, 35lbs 10ozs and Paul Dolton, 26lbs 1oz.

The Travellers also fished at the venue on the Corner Pond where Rob Kitchen went on to win with 43lbs exactly.

John Casson was second with 27lbs 3ozs and Rob Kimpton third with 20lbs 2ozs.