Accrington Stanley go “above and beyond” for late Millers fan Andy Wilson-Storey

Accrington Stanley go “above and beyond” for late Millers fan Andy Wilson-Storey

By Adele Forrest | 18/06/2020

Accrington Stanley go “above and beyond” for late Millers fan Andy Wilson-Storey
Peter Leatham (left), chair of Accrington Stanley’s Supporters Club, pictured in March handing over to Mick Mills a donation towards Andy’s funeral costs.


A LANCASHIRE football club has gone “above and beyond” to remember a Millers fan who died at an away fixture.

Andy Wilson-Storey (42) was at the Millers away game at Accrington Stanley’s Wham Stadium on February 22 when he suffered breathing difficulties and had a cardiac arrest.

He died a week later in hospital in nearby Blackburn.

Since the incident at the ground, Andy’s friend Mick Mills said Accrington Stanley had been amazing and have now honoured the dad-of-three with a memorial plaque.

“They’re a small club with a big heart,” said Mick.

“It’s been emotional, nobody should go to a football match and not come home.”

Mick (54), who is also part of Andy’s beloved Maltby Millers Supporters Club, said Accrington Stanley had now become his second team.

“I know it sounds daft,” he added, “But the thing is, they’ve gone above and beyond.”

The message inscribed on the plaque reads; A much loved son, dad, brother and friend. A proud Maltby Miller. Once a Miller, always a Miller.

It will be displayed in Accrington Stanley’s new memorial garden at the ground, which is currently being built, and will “spark conversation about him for years to come”.

Once finished, Mick said he and fellow Millers, along with Andy’s family, will go and visit and that their support for the Lancashire club will continue for ever.

“We have built this friendship up now,” said Mick.

Mick said Accrington fans had also donated £500 towards Andy’s funeral costs and the club had covered the cost of accommodation for his family during his week-long hospital battle.

Remembering the fateful day at the Wham Stadium, Mick said Andy had taken ill after the game and he had noticed him sat in a wheelchair with his two sons by his side as fans left the ground.

“An air ambulance landed on the pitch,” he said.

“I asked medics if I could hold his hand but they said I couldn’t because they were shocking him.

“A police escort took us to Burnley Hospital while his children were sent home.”

Peter Leatham, chair of Accrington Stanley’s Supporters Club, said Andy’s “tragic” death had brought football fans together.

Commenting on the support shown to Andy and honouring his memory, he added: “We hope other clubs would act in the same way — we are all just football fans, irrespective of the club you support.”