Tore follows in Howard's foosteps

ROTHERHAM can lay claim to producing TWO Premiership refs...but you won’t find the latest reading the riot act to Wayne Rooney just yet.

Hard on the heels of Howard Webb, fast-rising man-in-the-middle Tore Hansen is making his name in the top flight of Norwegian football and will next week undergo a FIFA induction course just a few years after picking up the whistle for the first time.

That was during his time in Rotherham, having met wife-to-be Vicky Gifford from Ravenfield.

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Since then, the couple have moved back to Feda in Norway when, after hanging up his playing boots, Tore (34) quickly became an established ref.

Said Vicky’s mum Carolyn: “After leaving university he did some supply teaching at Aston Comprehensive School and that’s where he was told he’d make a good referee. He went on to do a training course in Rotherham, got top marks, and it went from there."