The Rooney debate: Great or Garbage?

After England’s 1-0 victory at Wembley last night, some very interesting questions have come to light.

On my drive to work this morning, TalkSport were running a poll on whether captain Wayne Rooney should start the next game, a European qualifier against Switzerland on Monday evening.

Twenty three per cent of voters said yes, meaning a whopping 77 per cent thought he should be dropped.

I just don’t buy it.

Wayne Rooney has a very similar goal scoring record as Alan Shearer in an England jersey, with Shearer being considered one of the best forwards ever to grace our national team.

No one ever expected Shearer to chase back, spray raking balls from deep and win the ball in the opposition’s half, he was there to stay in the 18 yard box and score goals.

So why all the clamour for Rooney to be dropped? Personally, I think it is because people expect him to do everyone else’s job as well as his own.

His goal scoring record speaks for itself, 41 goals in 96 appearances. Shearer on the other hand, 30 goals in 63 games.

The problem for me comes with the rest of the team. Shearer could afford to stay in the opposition’s box because he had the likes of Paul Scholes, Paul Ince and Paul Gascoigne behind him, what has Rooney got to work with?

Nothing, therefore the public expect him, as England’s best player, to cover all bases, something that is virtually impossible.

There was no one else in that team I wanted to see take that penalty last night and for me, if that was a competitive game, Rooney warranted his start by emphatically dispatching the kick.

Shearer was not the man of the match in all of his games, but he scored in just over every other game.

Rooney should not be judged on his pass completion, his winning tackles or the amount of distance he covers on the pitch. He should be judged on his goals, just like Shearer.

In that category, Rooney isn’t doing too bad, is he?