Balls with a note spread the rugby message

Maltby rugby ballMaltby rugby ball
Maltby rugby ball
​​RUGBY lovers have come up with a novel way to spark interest in the sport in their local area.

The recently formed Maltby Rugby Union Club has placed a ball in parks and fields for kids and adults to play with. Each comes with a note to leave it for use by others when they’re done.

"At our monthly meeting we were speaking about ways to help interest in rugby in the area and Tommy Evans came up with the idea,” said Maltby’s Frank Lidster. “It’s a nice gesture and we hope they will be well used.”

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The balls are situated at Coronation Park, Cherrytree Park, Cliff Hill Field, Armorysholt Field, Trueman Green Field, Manor Field and Webby Field.

Maltby, meanwhile, won 55-7 away to Hemsworth last weekend and sit sixth in the Yorkshire Merit League in their first season.

They have ambitions to join the Yorkshire League next year.

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