Rotherham Golf Club appeals for help

OFFICIALS at Rotherham Golf Club want to take a look back in time – to try and take a step into the future.

The famous Thrybergh course has evolved significantly in the century since it was opened in 1903 and club chiefs are hoping for help as they try and plot the best way forward.

They are appealing for old photographs or drawings of the course to assess how the layout has changed and say that will help them work out whether to make changes to make the course better.

Said Thrybergh official John Lomas: “We’re basically looking at pre-1960 archive material because we’re trying to see what the course looked like in the past and whether there are things we can reintroduce or simply learn from.

“It’s an involved exercise but it will help to tell us whether we are moving in the right direction.

“In the old days, for example, they used to plant plenty of trees and we’ve perhaps got too many right now while we’ve had such as the bunker on the first hole which was filled in a few years ago. Was the course better with it or without it?

“We do have club records but very little in the way of old pictures, so if anyone can help we’d love to hear from them.”

John can be contacted  either on 01709 850624 or by email at              [email protected]

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