Rhodes ready for Mexico mission

IT'S certainly been a case of lights and cameras for Ryan Rhodes - and now it's time for the action to start.

Rhodes, fighting out of Dave Coldwell's Rotherham gym, takes on Mexican superstar Saul Alvarez in his own Guadalajara back yard tomorrow night for the WBC World Light-Middleweight crown.

And even though Alvarez is ranked as a massive odds-on favourite, Coldwell reckons Rhodes is on course to pull off the upset of the year in front of 20,000 Mexicans.

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Since Rhodes and Coldwell arrived in Guadalajara last week, they have been swamped with publicity ever since they stepped off the 'plane.

Coldwell told the Advertiser from Mexico: "We have certainly made a splash out here! On arrival we were greeted by TV crews, photographers and loads of written press because Alvarez is huge out here. The fight is in the press here every day.

"We've got the locals on side as well They absolutely love us here. We're getting stopped at the roadside with people pulling up asking for photos. The media is here and we are in the papers or on TV virtually every day of the week!"

But aside from the glitz and hype, Coldwell believes that Sheffielder Rhodes will upset the apple cart.

He added: said: "It's been really great how people are behind him. I just hope he keeps his emotions in check. If he does that he will follow the plan and become world champion."


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