Getting the young active and fit in Rawmarsh

EASTER goodies were on offer for youngsters who ran up to five laps of Rosehill Park in Rawmarsh.
GETTING ACTIVE: Easter bunny leads the wayGETTING ACTIVE: Easter bunny leads the way
GETTING ACTIVE: Easter bunny leads the way

Every year Rawmarsh Runners holds an event in which they ask the local community for Easter Eggs and other treats to be donated so they can stage the run in the park which encourages children to take part, get active and receive Easter goodies as a reward.

This year the club had an amazing 90 children take part over four sessions on the Sunday, many of whom completed the five laps, making it an epic two mile run for some children of varying ages from the very small.

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One father even carried his young child the full five laps – and the Easter Bunny took part and encouraged everyone to do their best to get to the end of the course!

EGGS: The Bunny runs off with the goodiesEGGS: The Bunny runs off with the goodies
EGGS: The Bunny runs off with the goodies

Chair person Barbara Hudson-Crownshaw said: “As an event we have created and expanded since we did our very first Easter Egg drop during the Covid lockdown.

“We have moved to the park and invited local small businesses to come along and hold stalls alongside three of our own which were run with some of our child members to help publicise our amazing Rawmarsh Runstars FREE athletics club for four-12 year olds (Mondays at 6pm - Rosehill Park in term time) and to raise funds for new equipment, kit, training for our volunteers and premises during the winter months.”

Visit the Rawmarsh Runners Facebook page for further information and all pictures from the event.

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