Deteriorating state of Grange Park Golf course causes members to leave

LONG-STANDING members of a Rotherham golf course are walking away due its deteriorating state.

Grange Park, which opened in 1972, is claimed to be slighted by long grass, shabby greens and narrowing fairways because of a lack of maintenance.

It is alleged the number of golfers is dwindling due to the lack of care and deteriorating conditions for play.

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“It has completely gone. It's heartbreaking," said one long-time visitor.“Nearly all the greens are in bad condition and they aren't being cut properly.

“They are cracked and the turf is coming up, it's scorched.

"The fairways have got narrower as time has gone on because they can't be bothered to make them bigger by cutting them.

“There is no sand in the bunkers. It is like hitting out of concrete.

“When I played you couldn't even see the bunkers, the grass was so long.”

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One golfer on a recent round was said to have lost 15 balls because of uncut grass and it is said that first-time visitors were turning up unaware of the conditions out on the course.

“It's one of the hardest courses around and it should be better treated than what it is," said the experienced golfer who got in touch with the Advertiser.

Money is being taken off people coming onto the course who don't know what it's like and their jaws drop.

“They are walking off and rightly slating it. One walked off on the tenth hole because he'd had enough.

“The club shouldn't be taking the money.

“A lot of members have gone to different courses now.”

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The course is leased by Rotherham Borough Council to Grange Park Golf Club Ltd.

A despondent golfer added: “When you look now, there is hardly anybody playing the course at all and the only people that are are the die-hard members who have paid their subs and are determined to play it, and rightly so.

“The subs are due and people are not going to pay £800 for a course that is as disgusting as that.”

The Grange Park website states: “Grange Park Golf Club offers a challenging and picturesque 18 hole, par 71 parkland course.

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“Situated in the heart of South Yorkshire on Upper Wortley Road, Rotherham, it is ideally situated for visitors from within the County or from much further afield.

“With panoramic views over the Yorkshire countryside, it is suitable for golfers at all levels of skill and experience.

“Our welcome to individuals and groups, new and old is renowned for its warmth and friendliness.

“Open to everyone, you don’t have to be a member to enjoy our fantastic facilities.”

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Rotherham Council’s head of sport, leisure and strategic partnerships, Chris Siddall, said: “We can confirm that since 2005, the golf course has been leased to The Grange Golf Club Limited. 

“They maintain the playing area – the council has no input into the ground’s maintenance.

“We’re aware of the issues raised by members of the public and are in dialogue with representatives from the course about this matter.”