My race day is back on track

IT seems that the Britcar Championships came a bit too soon in the process of my training to become a more rounded driver.

Last week I received a call from Mazda’s head of PR, Graeme Fudge, to say that my seat in a Mazda MX-5 sports car, at the Thruxton round of the event, would have to be canned.

He revealed: “The requirements of the Britcar organisers have changed and you now need a National A racing licence to compete. I’m afraid that means that your race is over before it began.”

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It appears that Britcar had rather thrown the announcement of the change in rules at potential competitors somewhat at the last minute.

Graeme went on: “At the first race they had to send six drivers and an entire team home because they had turned up under the impression they could race without the National A licence as they had in previous years.”

My 2011 race debut, it seemed, was hanging in the balance.

But Graeme had a back-up plan, and it means that my day on the track is still imminent.

On June 18 I will now be heading to Oulton Park, Cheshire, to compete in a round of the MX-5 Cup.

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As the name suggests, it’s a race series contested by a gaggle of Mazda’s two-seater sports cars, and an event which is crafting a growing reputation thanks to its relative affordability (in motorsport terms) and fun.

In all honesty, it sounds like slightly less of a baptism of fire than Britcar, where I would have been sharing track space with everything from BMW M3s and Porsche GT3s to Marcos and Mosler race cars.

Oulton Park is also I track that I have driven before, albeit in a slightly more laid-back track day scenario.

My MX-5 race day will take the form of two 20-minute sprint races, so it should serve up a fair adrenaline hit.

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To prepare me for the event—and hopefully ensure that I’m not so nervous I wet my race suit on the start line—I’ll be heading to Donington Park next week for some professional tuition with bona-fide racer Mark Hales.

Mark has the pleasure of being the man trusted with the classic car collection of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and once drove his £5,000,000 Ferrari GTO to victory in the Le Mans Classic.

Impressive credentials! I, however, once beat a BMW 530d away from the traffic lights at the former B&Q roundabout in a Toyota Prius. It should be a meeting of two motoring greats...

Watch this space.

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