Honda sets 100mpg fuel economy record in Civic Tourer

HONDA has set new records for fuel efficiency after passing through all 24 EU countries at an average of 100.31mpg in a Civic Tourer.

The official Guinness World Record took 25 days to complete and took in a total of 8,387 miles.

Behind the wheel of a Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC for the entire journey were two members of Honda’s European Research and Development (R&D) team, Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren, who took on the challenge to further demonstrate the impressive real-world fuel economy of the Tourer.

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The distance travelled is similar to the team driving to Australia from their home in the UK — stopping just nine times to refuel. 

The car achieved an incredible average 932 miles on each tank of fuel, at a total fuel cost for the whole journey of just £459.

Fergal McGrath said: “It was tough, but we really enjoyed it, and setting this new Guinness World Records title has made all of the hard work worthwhile.

“After spending so much time behind the wheel Julian and I are just happy to be back behind our desks for a while.”

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The Honda team’s official record title is ‘Lowest Fuel Consumption – all 24 contiguous EU countries’, measured in litres per 100km and miles per gallon calculated over the entire journey.

Under the rules the same two drivers must be in the car for the whole journey, giving Fergal and Julian, Honda R&D colleagues of some 18 years and based in the UK, the challenge of driving an average of approximately 380 miles, taking around 7.5 hours, each day.

The team at the Advertiser reckon that the only way to better it might be to have Rotherham car-lift hero Nick Ducker to carry the car across the continent.

Last month the 25-year-old carried a Suzuki Swift almost 430 metres in just one hour to set an, as yet unverified, new world record.