Welsh pride but a telling-off from my mum: the Will Vaulks Column

I'VE loved being part of the Wales set-up and making my debut this week.
Will VaulksWill Vaulks
Will Vaulks

Some things don't change between club and country, though, and I had to go through the dreaded singing initiation ceremony.

I sang Robbie Williams' Angels. I love a bit of Robbie and that song is my 'go to'! It went all right, I think, although some of the other lads might tell you different!

It's all been a bit of a whirlwind. Less than three weeks after the Welsh manager, Ryan Giggs, came to watch me at AESSEAL New York Stadium, there I was playing my first international match in a 1-0 win over Trinidad & Tobago at Wrexham's Racecourse Ground.

I was obviously a bit nervous when I found out I was starting but I just wanted to embrace the game and not get carried away by the occasion.

Wales play a lot differently to the way Rotherham do, which took me further out of my comfort zone. Wales keep the ball more whereas at Rotherham we go forward a bit quicker, so Wednesday night was a bit different

I eased into the game. I really enjoyed it and it was topped off by our late winner and my ball for the assist.

I was quite pleased with how I played. A couple of times I slipped with the ball but overall I think I gave a decent account of myself.

It's been really great. The lads all know each other so it was weird at first being the new boy, but they all really welcomed me and helped me to settle in. 

Obviously, I've not had a new club for three years so being around different players initially felt strange.

I'm not quite sure what to say about being caught swearing by the Sky Sports TV cameras. It was in the heat of the battle and I hope I haven't offended anyone. I'm expecting my mum to have a word! 

I've been sent more clips of that incident than I have 'well done' texts. 

I had a lot of family there. My mum never comes to games because she gets too nervous but I think because it was Wales she felt she had to be there this time. 

My mum is Welsh and that's where my Wales eligibility comes from.

She came with my dad and they really enjoyed it. I was made up to have them both there. It meant a lot to me. It was a memorable night anyway and was even more special because I knew how proud I'd made them. It was quite emotional, to be honest.

My nan was there as well and my brother. Because it wasn't too far from the Wirral, where I grew up, there were quite a lot of people from there who came as well. That was good.

My fiancee, Alex, couldn't go because she was working the next day and getting back to Rotherham would have been a nightmare. She watched it on telly.

The gaffer at Rotherham has been in touch. He texted me to say 'well done' and told me I'd been given the best player rating by the BBC or something.

We move on now to Sunday's Euro 2020 qualifier at the City of Cardiff Stadium against Slovakia.

I'm looking forward to being there. It will be good to soak up the atmosphere at an actual qualifier. 

I'm nowhere near expecting to play. This is my first call-up. If I even made the bench I would be buzzing with that. I'll happily take anything that comes my way.