Striker target says 'yes' to Rotherham United ... now it's down to the clubs to agree the finances

ROTHERHAM United have made a breakthrough in their hunt for a new striker with their top target saying he is keen to join the club.
Paul WarnePaul Warne
Paul Warne

After a fortnight of talks, the centre-forward is ready to commit himself to a season-long loan at AESSEAL New York Stadium as the promoted Millers looks to establish themselves in the Championship.

He is in his mid-20s and has extensive experience in the second tier.

"The lad has decided he wants to come," manager Paul Warne confirmed this afternoon. "I think he possibly spoke to a couple of the lads in the dressing room here, which always helps."

The boss doesn't expect any arrival to happen until the middle of the next week and the move now hinges on Rotherham agreeing financial terms with the player's parent team.

"We're trying to do it," Warne said. "Hopefully we get to a point where everybody's happy: the player, his agent and both clubs.

"It's sort of out of my hands now. I've sold the club to the lad and told him what we can do to help him."

Chairman Tony Stewart is backing Warne and is ready to pay a significant portion of the attacker's wages in a bid to seal the deal.

"It comes down to what the parent club want back for their player," Warne said. "It's the same everywhere. If I loan out, say, Jake Hull then I want to get as much of his wages covered as possible. Who wouldn't? It's a business not a charity.

"Every club has parameters over what they're happy to pay. Both clubs probably have to give a little bit in this case.

"I've got the chairman's full support but I have to be aware of getting what I want for that amount of money. Just because a player is on X amount doesn't mean he's worth X amount. If you pay 50 per cent of X it could still be an absolute fortune.

"We still have to weight it up with other options. I have to make prudent decisions.

"These are difficult times and everyone wants every penny. I hope it will get done. I don't think we are a million miles away."