Rotherham United striker target asks for more time

ROTHERHAM United are being kept waiting by the striker they are hoping to add to their Championship squad.
Paul Warne at yesterday's match. Picture by Dave PoucherPaul Warne at yesterday's match. Picture by Dave Poucher
Paul Warne at yesterday's match. Picture by Dave Poucher

The target originally intimated he would make a decision by last Thursday but then asked to be given the weekend before delivering his answer.

Manager Paul Warne accepts that the player - who has extensive second-tier experience and is available on loan - will be speaking to other teams in the meantime.

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"He and his agent have asked for more time, which politely means 'looking for a better option than coming here'," the boss said.

"Because the position I am in, I have to accept that's the way it is. What can I do? I  have to be patient. I can sign players - anyone can sign players - but I need to sign ones who can play in the Champ and are at least as good or better than the players I already have."

Warne knows that Rotherham are low in the pecking order if a potential recruit has other Championship possibilities because they are arguably the smallest club in the division and are the bookmakers' favourites for relegation.

"I would expect him to be talking to other clubs because he's a good player," the manager said. "I just don't think other sides are prepared to press the button on him whereas we are.

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"We can't be as choosy as other teams in the Champion for obvious reasons. I think he is talking to other clubs and waiting to see who blinks first.

"If a bigger club than us goes for him then I can see him going there. However, he does realise his importance to us if he came here, and I think I could help to resurrect his career."

The centre-forward is on big salary and the Millers have been negotiating to pay a proportion of it if he moves to South Yorkshire on a season-long deal, with his parent club taking care of the rest.

"You won't be surprised to know he's on absolute shedloads of money," Warne said whose said opened their campaign with a 1-1 home draw with Swansea City yesterday. "I spoke to his agent about how much of his wages we could afford to pay.

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"It was the same when we signed Hally (centre-half Grant Hall) from Middlesbrough. The bigger clubs help you out because they want their players to be out on loan.

"If the player has a chance of playing at, say, Norwich City or here, he'll choose Norwich. If you asked me who I wanted to play for in Spain, Getafe or Barcelona, I'd wait for Barcelona's call. I understand how it works.

"I just have to hope that all the suns line up and I get the player."