Quartet out of quarantine and back training in with Rotherham United

THE four Rotherham United players quarantined after a trip to Spain return to training today.

Matt Crooks, Trevor Clarke, Kyle Vassell and Richard Wood were on short breaks abroad two weeks ago when the Government suddenly imposed travel restrictions.

And while the quartest have been keeping in trim during their time away from training, they will have some catching up to do.

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Manager Paul Warne said: "They have been doing different runs on Strava, covering more than 40k this last week, but it is hard for them because they are like pack animals. They have felt like they are missing out big time and in fairness they are because the lads who have been in have done loads more conditioning, loads more ball work and loads more of everything.

"They are going to be behind when they come back in, not massively physically but technically."

Meanwhile, it is understood the fixtures for the 2020/21 EFL season are to be released next week, although a date has still be be confirmed.

The new campaign kicks off on Saturday, September 12.