Pensioner asks — please help me find my special Rotherham United walking stick

A DEVOTED Millers supporter has appealed for fellow fans to keep an eye for his lost one-of-a-kind RUFC walking stick.

Paul Miree’s distinctive prized possession — a 50th birthday present from son Kevin — is specially made with the club’s crest at the top.

Paul (68) believes he left it beside the cash machine between Tesco Express and Heron Foods at the Bellows Road shops, Rawmarsh.

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He said: “It’s a brown colour at the bottom which goes to black at the top, and it’s twisted like a barley cane, with a lace at the top where your wrist goes through.

“It’s value is mostly sentimental, but if anyone has bought it from someone who found it, I will pay them back what they paid for it.

“I think I left it at the shops in Rawmarsh. I was using the cashpoint, I think I put the stick down and got straight back in the car without it.

“Everyone who has seen me at matches since has asked me about it because it’s always usually with me.”

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Season ticket holder Paul, of Upper Haugh, has been watching the Millers since he was five.

His RUFC collection also includes an entrance mat from the Tivoli club — which he saved from being thrown in a tip.

“I was born at Masbrough Street and Rotherham United means so much to me,” he said.

Anyone with information which could help reunite Paul with his walking stick can contact the Advertiser via [email protected] or 01709 803560.