Millers show support for Fairtrade Rotherham

MILLERS stars are signing up to support Rotherham’s Fairtrade Town status.

The team will autograph a football which will be raffled for the Mayor’s Charities in September.

Fairtrade Steering Group chairman Cllr Ken Wyatt said: “Fairtrade is not a charity, it is about being paid a fair price for the crops and manufactured goods produced by some of the poorest people in the world.

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“We are delighted that Rotherham United is supporting our commitment to remain a Fairtrade Town and to help raise awareness locally.”

Rotherham achieved Fairtrade Town status in 2006.

Internationally the Fairtrade principals ensure:

- Producers are paid a fair price guaranteed to always cover the cost of production.

- Fairtrade suppliers follow internationally agreed labour standards.

- The Fairtrade system prevents exploitation.

- Fairtrade promotes looking after the environment.