Maybe I’m a wrong un for feeling this way ... David Rawson's Rotherham United fan column

“What’s wrong with me?”

A question rattling in my head as I trudged out of New York Stadium. I’ve never wanted a manager sacked, always believed in giving whoever’s in charge the time they need. And yet, here I was, thinking we should make a change.

Those who sit around me don’t agree. They point out what the manager doesn’t have. A squad of players of the required quality and fitness. Training facilities worthy of a club in this division. Funding.

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They’re right. They’re better supporters than I am. I’m sorry they have to put up with me. I felt lower than usual after a defeat for having contributed to spoiling their afternoon.

Rotherham United head coach Leam Richardson. Picture: Jim BrailsfordRotherham United head coach Leam Richardson. Picture: Jim Brailsford
Rotherham United head coach Leam Richardson. Picture: Jim Brailsford

And yet, I couldn’t quite see it their way. Why? What was wrong with me?

Honestly, I don’t want anyone to lose their job. Especially not an obviously decent, humble, down-to-earth bloke who’s inherited a real mess. I don’t really want us to change managers. I don’t really think it’ll make a difference this season. And the guy built a promotion-winning side overnight in the league we’re heading into.

But. The passivity gets to me.

The performance against Wednesday wasn’t acceptable. We were so limp, so ploddingly polite in our play, allowing the second-worst side in the division, our biggest local rivals in the league, to stroll to victory at our home ground. That display called for locked dressing-room doors, for home truths to be told in no uncertain terms.

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No sign of that. Instead, we heard of “honest endeavour”, as if what we’d seen was the best we could do, Maybe it was.I don’t expect the manager to fix the unfixable, but I want them to share my rage that they can’t.

I want someone to do something.

But no-one seems to do anything.

Everyone agrees the training facilities aren’t good enough. So, who’s doing what to fix it? Maybe a new training complex will drop out of the sky in May. But if it doesn’t, what are we doing to make sure we can actually train properly next season?

Who’s defining our strategy for success? We can’t match wages in this league. So where’s the innovative transfer policy? Where’s the production line of youth talent?

Who’s setting our identity? Are we proud underdogs, accepting relegation’s always a possibility, while trying to thumb our noses at better-heeled opponents? Or are we trying to play those opponents at their own game? If so, how?

This season’s a catastrophe. Why does no-one seem to care?

What’s wrong with them?

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