Manager Matt Taylor on the scale of Rotherham United's summer misses in the transfer market

Matt TaylorMatt Taylor
Matt Taylor
More money at bigger clubs in the Championship highlights the size of the Millers' challenge.

ROTHERHAM United have been turned down by dozens of targets in the summer transfer window because of the spending power of rival teams in the Championship.  

Manager Matt Taylor praised the extra financial backing he has received from chairman Tony Stewart this year as the Millers bid to become an established second-tier concern but says larger budgets in the rest of the division mean that the most-sought-after talents still end up being lured elsewhere.

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“If I told you about all of the players we'd missed out on we'd be here all day,” the boss said.

“It's not in the hundreds but it's a big number. We value these players at a certain level and we can't afford to pay above that.

“We're fully aware of where we are in the reckoning. What I will say is that I've been incredibly well backed and well supported and this squad will get closer and closer to showing that.”

Rotherham are the best-run but smallest club in the Championship and Stewart has always said he will never put their financial stability at risk by making reckless outlays.

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Since the end of last season, the Millers have re-signed four of last term's survival squad and also made several permanent and loan signings, with more to come before the September 1 close of the window.

“We feel we've done some really good business so far,” Taylor said. “We've done the best we possibly can with what we are as a club. There has been improved investment not only in the playing squad but in the facilities and environment here but it's still blown out of the water by everyone else.

“Our opposition ... the levels are too much. We're not even getting close to them because of what we are. That's no-one's fault. We understand and accept that. We can't complain about it.

“We are putting every last cent into this group of players. Then it's a case of seeing what we look like at our strongest.”

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Injury-hit Rotherham are seeking to add around three more new faces between now and the deadline for business.

Commenting on fans on expressing worries on social media, Taylor said: “It looks totally different if everyone is fit and available and we bring in a couple more players, which we feel is achievable.

“You can't get too high or lower as a manager. I understand people's frustrations. We've gone above and beyond this time around. That has to be noted and taken into account.

“We can't control what happens elsewhere but, unfortunately, what does happen elsewhere has an influence on what we can obtain in terms of players.”