Letters from Rotherham United fans

DEAR Rotherham United FC.

Please cancel my automatic roll-on of season ticket for season 2017/18.I will not be renewing my season ticket until I see, in my own opinion, reasonable efforts from the club to take actions to completely change the way it deals with player acquisitions and sales, such that we can see that the club is serious about moving RUFC forwards again.

I am a life-long Miller. I live in Scotland but still up to now hold a season ticket and come to games. I am very upset and hurt at the current demise of our team on the pitch and feel disrespected as a fan. 

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I realise that by cancelling my season ticket I may be hurting the club I love in the long run, and I sincerely do not want the club to return to the days when I walked 26 miles from Millmoor to Huddersfield to collect £400 towards the survival of the club, and obviously appreciate what Mr Stewart did to the point of getting us into the Championship and playing at New York Stadium.

However, I do think the club can no longer rely on fans thinking about the past and worrying about the future and expect us pay to see games when , in the fans eyes, there is obvious lack of investment, resulting in my opinion, in the worst team overall I can remember in 40-plus years.

In particular, it hurts that we seem to be throwing away of a fantastic opportunity of Championship football for what would seem to be just a small extra investment and better management of playing staff acquisitions and sales. 

We also think that doing whatever was required to retain Neil Warnock would have surely made complete business sense. 

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The alternatives to this investment appear to make no business sense as it will be far outweighed by lower revenues in the lower leagues and reduction of season ticket sales, which will surely come in spades next season...

David Green,


MANY people are starting to ask the same questions over and over again regarding Mr Stewart, Paul Warne and money.

We have a stand-in manager who, in his own words, doesn't want the job. When a new one comes in, he will want his own staff and players that will take time to gel.

So come next Christmas when we are languishing at the lower end of League One what will the excuse be? It takes time for players to play together, so why not act now so that whoever came in has the time to sort who he wants to keep and bring fresh new faces in and gel them before it’s too late? 

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But it’s not to be. Why? It’s a cheap option and that’s no disrespect to Warne. 

Managers are out there and everyone knows that. Some are not for Rotherham but some will be.

We  need answers as Rotherham United fans, just don't fob us off, let’s tell the truth Mr Stewart. 

Your talk of reaching the Premiership one day is great — it’s a dream and, yes, you are a legend. You gave us new life, a team and ground to be proud off BUT is there any more money in the offing for such as raising the ground capacity, although that’s not needed right now.

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We are a small club and we know we cant compete with 75 per cent of the Championship clubs for income but the fight has gone and it needs to be back quickly, before Millers fans stop shouting Mr Stewart’s name.

Just come out and be honest with us all, tell the truth because things are not happening as we had hoped. There'll always be a Rotherham United...but where it’ll be is the big question?

Mark Hickman

via email

WITH the Millers having played Nottingham Forest this week, it reminded me of an old story about Walter Ardron.

A friend of mine, Jimmy Sansome, was doing his National Service in Brackley, Northampton, when the commander asked to see him in his office.

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It turned out the commander was on the committee at Forest and with Jimmy coming from Rotherham, he wanted to know what he knew about Walter Ardron because they were thinking of buying him.

Jimmy said: "If you buy him he will score lots of gals and will run through a brick wall for you."

The transfer went through in June 1949 for £10,000 and Wally went on to score 123 goals in 183 games for Forest — and that was after netting more than 200 for the Millers during and after the war.

Jimmy said that whenever the commander saw him after Wally had scored in a game, he'd given him the thumbs-up sign!

Ray Hill,

Greenfield Road,


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