LETTER: Forget City result and get behind the Millers

JUST to put the Man city game into perspective result-wise, City have beaten Liverpool 5-0, Watford 6-0, Southampton and Huddersfield 6-1 and put five past Leicester, Swansea, Burnley, Cardiff and Palace in the Premier League.

They also beat Sheffield Wednesday 7-0, so with the cost of our team compared to theirs I don’t think we did too bad actually. We could have been really embarrassed as the starting 11 for City cost a total of £415 million compared to our team of free transfers etc.

I think Pep Guardiola was very respectful to us in fielding the team he did. I was talking to City fans and they said they were surprised how strong a team it was and in their opinion it could have beaten Liverpool or any other Premier League team, it was that good. Well that made me feel slightly better, oh and then they put Sane £45 million and Danilo £27 million on as subs, oh and Sandler, a cheap one at £2.25 million.

All in all I enjoyed the day, not the result, and we took over 6,000 fans and I know we would have taken more if we could have had more tickets. I think if they gave us 8,000 we would have sold them as there was a huge demand for the ticket list for any returns.

I just hope they read this and understand the massive gulf in class on the day and not feel too bad. I will be off to Ipswich on Saturday and I honestly think we will get our first away win if all the players are fit.

We have not had the rub of the green in any games this season in my opinion. Forest away the ref apologised to Paul Warne for getting a decision wrong, Bolton at home the same again, Blackburn’s equaliser was offside and the linesman did not give it, Bristol City, I don’t think Jones deserved the second yellow — it’s about time we started getting some of these decisions going our way and when they do I am sure we will finish mid-table this season.

Come on Millers be optimistic and get behind the team. Warney and his staff are doing a great job with the players they have. UTM

Pete Wainwright