“I am definitely not a petrolhead...” — My First Car with Rotherham United manager Paul Warne

Passed first time, luckily my tester was a football fan and we were discussing non-league football at the time, which really relaxed me

Did you pass your driving licence first-time (if not, give a test count)?

What was the first ever car you owned?

An amazing Vauxhall Nova Swing in silver (pictured). I loved it. My dad negotiated the man down from, I think, £2,800 to like £2,799 – how not to haggle by Mr Warne.

I bought the car in a village about five miles outside North Walsham in Norfolk.

My dad paid for it and I paid him £200-a-month until the debt was cleared.

What I really wanted was a Volkswagen Golf convertible, but my parents talked me out of that choice…and thankfully so.


What would have been your dream first car at the time you bought it?

A Volkswagen Scirocco or Golf GT TDI.

What was your fondest memory from your time with the car?

Just the first drive home. It was the first time I had driven a car alone — it was like the first time you get a bike, the feeling of freedom it gave me was amazing. I remember taking the first corner in a too high a gear and nearly going in the ditch, though. What a start that would have been.

And the worst memory of your time with the car?

Messing about on an empty car park with my bro’ in the snow, doing handbrake turns. I hit a high curb side-on, causing a lot of damage and cost!

Would you class yourself as a “petrolhead” or prefer to be driven?

I’m defo not a petrol head. I drive an electric car now. I’m a rubbish passenger as I always fall asleep. However, I do enjoy driving. I would think nothing of driving home and back to see my mum in a day for about seven hours driving. It’d give me a chance to get all my calls done…

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