Director of football Rob Scott’s promise over Leam Richardson’s Rotherham United role

ROB Scott has pledged to leave the running of first-team affairs to head coach Leam Richardson after stepping into his newly-created senior role with Rotherham United.

The head of recruitment was last week appointed director of football as part of a behind-the-scenes restructuring process at the club.

One of his first acts was to give an assurance that Richardson will be given a free rein over the squad involved in a battle for Championship survival.

Scott says he's there to assist, not interfere.

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Rotherham United's new director of football, Rob ScottRotherham United's new director of football, Rob Scott
Rotherham United's new director of football, Rob Scott

“When it comes to picking the team and the coaching and dealing with the players on a day-to-day basis, that's 100 per cent down to Leam,” he said.

“That's not something I'm interested in getting involved in at all. I don't want to tread on toes. I never have done.”

The 50-year-old will continue to devote most of his time to the recruitment position he has held for nearly five years while assuming extra responsibilities following his promotion.

“Any director of football or sporting director, they oversee all the departments at a club,” he said. “That's what I will do.

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“It's about overseeing the smooth running of Rotherham United and how we can develop things in terms of the academy, the first team, infrastructure and staffing.”

The Millers decided to adopt a new footballing model following the November sacking of Matt Taylor who lasted for 13 months as the replacement for Paul Warne, the man who led three League One promotion campaigns during his time in charge between 2016 and 2022.

Richardson was named head coach rather than manager - which had been Taylor's title - and the DoF announcement came six weeks later.

“It was a collective feeling within the club that change was needed,” Scott said.

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“We had Warney for six years and things went along fairly smoothly, albeit there were probably things we could have addressed to try to evolve. Results kept things ticking along.

“We've had a review of the reason why we relieved Matt of his role. It goes deeper than matchday and training-day scenarios.

“You have to review the good and bad of what's gone before so you don't make the same mistakes going forward.”

Scott has already been performing more than recruitment duties, having become a trusted aide to chairman Tony Stewart as he helped in the appointments of Taylor and then Richardson.

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He has an office at AESSEAL New York Stadium but will become a more familiar sight at Roundwood as he feels there is a need for a regular administrative presence at the training ground.

“If there are staff or infrastructure issues we don't want those problems ending up at Leam's door on a Friday morning before a game on a Saturday,” he said.

“That's something I will pick up. Leam has a part to play in it. His opinion will be listened to and his advice will be taken.

“My job is to tie everything together, to be a conduit between the training ground and the hierarchy in terms of the board.”