'No plans' to sell off Maltby sports facility

COAL-mining charity Ciswo insists there are no plans to sell off Maltby’s Muglet Lane sports ground.
Maltby Miners Welfare groundMaltby Miners Welfare ground
Maltby Miners Welfare ground

Opposition borough councillors and MP Alexander Stafford started a petition to save the miners’ welfare ground from housing – however, the owner claims there are no such plans.

They feel that the site – without funding and improvements – could be sold for housing purposes.

Cllr Adam Tinsley, Maltby East ward, said selling would be “hell on earth” – adding: “Everyone would be against that… I think you’d see people chained to the fences and everything.”

The ground is owned by Ciswo, which leased it out to Maltby Town Council last year.

Cllr Tinsley, who also sits on that council, said MTC could not apply for grants to improve the facilities.

He added: “The big, major concern for people in Maltby is that they are going to lose this facility for housing.

“Obviously, the facilities need a lot of money to keep them to a good standard, even cutting the grass isn’t cheap.

“With the lease being too restrictive, teams cannot apply for grants because they need some sort of tenure or licence… which they are not allowed under the lease.

“We need to have a real, good discussion with Ciswo and Maltby Town Council to try and get some common ground for the benefit of Maltby.

“We don’t want housing,” he added. “We want something for kids and adults to do. Without these funds, ultimately, you’re going to see a decline in the facilities which would leave the clubs looking elsewhere.

“We’re only asking Ciswo to come back to have these conversations. There’s money that’s available.”

Nicola Didloc, chief executive at Ciswo, said: “We are committed to ensuring it continues to be available for recreational use by the community of Maltby and there are no plans for the grounds to be sold or used for building houses or any other purpose.

“It was leased to Maltby Town Council for a period of 25 years from 2022. The lease does not restrict the town council from applying for grants and we are in contact with them about the ongoing sustainability of the ground.”