Fans eye view...what they're saying

IRATE Millers fans have reacted strongly to the shock news that Kenny Jackett has quit Rotherham United after just five games in charge.

Here are just a few posts from Twitter, giving a gist of what supporters are feeling after this evening's stunning announcement from the AESSeal New York Stadium

Don't forget that you can have your say at @rothtisersport

The worst run football club in the football league strikes again. OfficialRUFC you're an absolute joke

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Before people start slagging Jackett for jumping, I'd question how things are being run aboard the fast sinking ship.

So far the biggest embarrassments of 2016 have been Brexit, UKIP and The EIHL. Now my football team have joined the list

The Blackpool of 2 years ago look organised at the side of this #rufc

With few exceptions, the players should be ashamed of themselves. On Saturday far too many looked like they didn't give a toss

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Think the question you need to ask is who would want to come to the club now?

Damn. I was hoping that Jackett would last all winter

Meanwhile, the comedy circus that is #rufc rumbles on

Stunned, and bitterly disappointed. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. Worried for the future of our beloved RUFC