Cheaper driving in Europe . . . but don't go in a petrol car

CUT-price motoring holidays to Europe could be a thing of the past thanks to fuel prices that mean it’s cheaper to fill up your tank before you leave.

The UK is now one of the cheapest places in Europe to buy a litre of petrol, with motorists in Greece hardest done to with an average price of £1.55-per-litre.

The current price for a litre of petrol in the UK is £1.36.

Research carried out by the RAC Foundation on behalf of Autocar magazine found that eight of the 17 Eurozone countries have more expensive petrol than the UK.

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Its director, Professor Stephen Glaister, said: “Contrary to the myth, the price of unleaded is even more exorbitant on the Continent than here in the UK.

Drivers who have petrol-powered cars will need deep pockets when they get off the ferry or out of the Channel Tunnel.”

Unusually, however, the UK remains the only country in the EU to tax its diesel-fuelled motorists the same as petrol users, meaning savings can be made by British motorists running oil-burners.

Cross the channel to France and you will be bagging yourself a litre of diesel for just £1.30 and the savings just keep on coming the further you stray from home.

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Prof Glaister added: “The UK is the only nation with the same level of duty for diesel and petrol.

“Britain has some of the lowest pre-tax prices of any country, but we pay 82 pence tax on every litre—double the amount paid in Luxembourg”

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