Boxing man Dominic Ingle hits the right note with fund-raising single for NHS

BOXER trainer Dominic Ingle has channelled his love of music to produce a song to help the NHS and its heroes working on the front line during the coronavirus crisis.

Dominic might be best known for his work with world champions at the Ingle Gym at Wincobank founded by his late father Brendan, but he is also a keen guitarist.

When the pandemic hit, the father-of-three, who also has three relatives who work in the NHS, was moved to do a song about it and raise funds.

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The result is Covid-19, a single which captures the mood of the moment and is available to hear via a donation to JustGiving at

“We had been recording some songs in a studio when the lockdown came,” Dominic told the Advertiser. “I was sat at home so I thought I'd write a quick song about coronavirus and see if I could raise some money for the NHS.

“I sent it to Zee Krayski, who is a producer who does his own material. 

“He thought it was a bit gimmicky so I said I'd write a proper song. He put some music to it and then one of my mates, Greg Marriott, who does nutrition and is a bit of a singer, did a bit of a rap for it for the middle eight.

“We thought we'd put it out and see how it goes.

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“It is a bit of entertainment for people and it has raised nearly £3,000 so far.”

Like so many people, Dominic has been taken aback by the sheer impact of the lockdown on daily life and the lives being lost.

“It is a bit closer to home when family is involved and I have a few friends whose family have been effected by it and some people have died,” he said. “It kind of brings it home.

“Thinking back, nothing like this has ever happened in my lifetime. There were strikes in the 1970s when we had no electriity and we had to get the candles out.

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“That was quite bleak but it was nothing like this. It will go down in the history books and this song is documenting it.”

Inspiration...Brendan Ingle. 

Reflecting on his introduction to music, Dominic added: “My dad always said 'you can do anything you want. You might not be any good at it but you can do anything you want. Don't let people put you off.

“So when I was 14 I bought a guitar for £100. My auntie used to run a catalogue and you paid so much a week. I had a paper round and it took a year to pay it off. 

“It was a lot of money back then and after a couple of weeks I thought I wasn't going to be able to play.

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“I tried to give it back but my auntie said I couldn't so I sat down and learnt how to play it and I'm glad I did.

“I've played guitar for quite a few years and been in bands doing various cover versions along with the boxing obviously.

Music is my big love alongside boxing.”

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